Set Honey

Set honey is honey that has been extracted from the comb and left to settle allowing the science to be applied (e.g forming crystals causing the honey to appear thickened and then set firm)

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One Tree Hill Apiary
The local forage available to the honey bees is that of meadows that were cultivated of flowers of circa 60 years ago. This influence of the SSSI meadow has shaped this honey product to be refreshingly unique and stands above it’s peers.

Brimstone Apiary
The forage is varied between SSSI meadows, Salt marsh rural and local park gardens creating a unique floral flavour to this honey. The high natural sugars cause it to be a perfect candidate to make creamed and set honey.

Reclaimed Site Apiary
The available forage is very unique encompassing SSSI meadows, Salt marsh, rural and urban plant varieties delivering a lightly floral hinted honey that has the appearance of apricot jam than newly extracted honey.


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