BeeMetics Brand Ambassador – Dreams and Ambition
We have chosen a Brand Ambassador for our BeeMetics skincare range follow us to find out who and why. A short description of Emily and why we are so impressed with her.

Langdon Hills SSSI meadow evolving over the season
Over the coming months we are going to be using our drone to capture video of the highly diverse biological meadows (#SSSI) at Langdon hills country park to map month on month the evolving state of these meadows their diversity and uniqueness.

Ongoing Sales invitation –
We offer to any supporter of our bees & company the following opportunity –
Introduce us (Porch Honey) to any new retail partner and should we be successful in placing Porch Honey products with them, you will earn 10% of the first invoiced sale.

Assistance to Recycle, Reuse, Renew –

We would like to ask our honey lovers, if they would return to Porch Honey the plastic jars they have purchased.
– We will provide a discount for their next purchase
– Just return the jars to one of our market stalls
We will find a reuse/renew task for the jars if neither of those can be done we will ensure that jar will go to a company that will recycle them for sure and not end up in a land fill or ocean.