FAQs Porch Honey


Does Honey attract VAT

No it doesn’t only shipping attracts VAT as it is considered a service.

Do we blend our honey

No we never blend honey we take every opportunity to keep our honey separate to allow our customers to taste unique flavours that are overpowered by pollination crops.

Do we participate in intensive pollination

No we have realised that intensive pollination is very likely to harm wild pollinators.

What is the fulfilment process for Serum Jars

Every effort will be made to deliver your order sooner than projected:

– Your serum order details (Restricted details passed) are passed to the engraver (1/2 hours)

– Your chosen label is engraved on the jar (1/2 days)

– Order delivered to Porch Honey (1Day)

– Serum is hand made, using solar power (2/4 hours)

– Artwork applied (1/2 days)

– Packaged for deliver (1/2 hours)

– Packaged delivered by Royal Mail Standard Delivery’ (2/3 days)