FAQ: ECO Fresh Diary – Customers

About Porch Honey

Porch Honey is passionate about managed pollinators (honey bees) and the unsung heroes (wild pollinators e.g. bumble bees, solitary bees, butterflies, etc.) who can only support our remaining habitats by working together. We have chosen sites within Thurrock’s outstanding local country parks that contain unique combinations of flora such as green winged orchids and rattle. These sites also have access to salt marsh lands which provides even more unique flora such as samphire. These combinations of flowers mean we take a step back in time with you to sample honey on a truly vintage scale. These Thurrock country parks are pesticides, herbicides, fungicides free which is a huge bonus to you the consumer.

Last year Sam & I worked 800+ man days, to care for our managed honey bees, purifying, and bottling natural raw honey making it ready for your spoon year round.

1.0)  A quick tip – Steps to dealing with set honey:

What is set honey, nature’s way of storing honey until the managed honey bees are ready to use it. So the next time you find honey in the back of the shelf. You could chose to do the following.

Steps: 1) Boil a kettle of water

2) Allow to slightly cool as temperatures above 40C will harm the honey (loss of all active enzymes)

3) Pour the water from the kettle into a bowl

4) Place the jar of honey into this bowl

5) Allow water to cool

6) Remove honey from bowl

7) Empty water from bowl

* Repeat steps 1) – 7) until the honey is ready for your intended use

** Scalding risk, care is advised

*** If honey is not stored with a tighten lid then repurchasing is advised, honey (Is Hygroscopic which means it will take moisture from the air, if the moisture content rises above 18% then honey can spoil because bacteria can then grow in honey)