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Teen Racing Driver, Emily, pens new deal with local business, Porch Honey, to bee The Face of their ‘BeeMetics’ range of Skin Care products.

Release embargo: 5th March 2018

Rising star racing driver, and local girl, Emily Linscott, can today confirm that she has signed a deal with local business, Porch Honey, to be The Face of their ‘BeeMetics’ range of Skin Care products.

Above – (Emily Linscott, (c) Mark Linscott)

Porch Honey Director, Kim Burnham said, ‘I realised a huge synergy with Emily and her parents’ story, with our own, and felt that we needed work together in a way that supports us all. My son, Sam, has entered the business world through hard work and endeavour, to be the best he and Porch Honey can be. The same goes for Emily; she put’s in a huge amount of work behind the scenes to realise her dream, and, like us, her parents are supportive of her every move; be it time, financial or moral support, it’s a team effort, and one that has paid dividends to the two youngsters’ lives thus far.”

Emily and her parents were invited to a ‘Bee Experience’ with Porch Honey last year, where they got the chance to get up close and personal with the bees and the hive’s when they helped in re-homing some ‘homeless’ bees whose hive had been vandalised. Emily’s mum, Samantha, enthused, ‘It was a great experience for us all. We were a little nervous at first but Sam and Kim both helped us through our early fears and the bees were fantastic too. We love what Porch Honey are doing and really appreciate the hard work they’re doing to change the way bee farming is done, looking after the local eco system by working closely with local Ranger’s to ensure the very best environment for the bees.’

Porch Honey created the BeeMetics Skin Care range of products to complement their already fabulous range of honey.

BeeMetics Skincare is a series of products evolving out of Sam’s own Dreams and Ambitions, hence why Emily is a fantastic choice to help us bring our products into the public eye. The products are Organically produced by hand, using our own tested oil-based recipes; with Cell Rejuvenating, Moisturising and Acne Clearing properties obtained from the variety of organic ingredients.

The range includes a variety of products from: Hand serum to our more specialised product using Porch Honeys own (PHPBV) bee venom as the main active ingredient. Bee venom increases the Collagen and Elastin production and oxygenates the skin hugely increasing the benefits of the serum.

Current products:


PHPBV Face Serum (Bee Venom)
Face Serum
Body Serum
Hand Serum


Face Poppy & Sugar Scrub
Body Poppy & Sugar Scrub

All of the above products will be available for what remains of March at a 15% discount to celebrate Emily’s achievements to date. All you must do is to follow these steps below:

  1. Go to – Porchhoney.com
  2. Select the skin care product(s) you desire
  3. Go to the cart page (Link also in the menu)
  4. Enter coupon #99

The page will update, and you can proceed to checkout where you can create a login or check out as a guest using PayPal.

Coming Soon

Lip serum – Emily and Samantha (Emilie’s mother) as the story goes began putting the face serum on their lips without having spoken to the other and so both have inspired a lip serum that is under internal testing now and will soon be submitted for formal tests.

Selected Scent – Emily will be selecting a new scent to be added to our range of products.

Watch out for further announcements over the coming weeks and months as testing completes and the new products are registered.



BeeMetics Skin Care

 Reflect Skincare is supporting Emily’s efforts and selling the BeeMetics Skincare via the Amazon portal.

Partner site Reflect

Emily said, ‘Part of my role with Porch Honey will be helping Kim and Sam to harvest the Bee Venom and the Propolis, two vital components of the products I’ll be promoting. Once these have been successfully collected, I’ll also be helping to make the products too. I’m really excited to start work. I mean, how many people can say they even know about this sort of thing, let alone get the chance to be part of its creation?’

The 15-year-old from Langdon Hills, Essex will be embarking on her first full season of car competition after taking part in the final three rounds of the 2017 Ginetta Junior season. Her first race will be at the Brands Hatch Indy Circuit on April 7th & 8th, supporting the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). Bee sure to catch her Sunday race, as it’ll bee broadcast live on ITV4

 Emily in action at a recent test day at Brands Hatch (Below) and in her Bee Suit helping Porch Honey (Above)