BeeMetics Ambassador

Our Brand Ambassador, the face of BeeMetics
We are proud to announce our chosen Brand Ambassador for our BeeMetics Skin Care range. Emily Linscott; well-known celebrity teen racer from Langdon Hills, we have found her to be an admirable 16 year-old that has proven to not only show her skill in the seat of a race car but to have an understanding of business and the environment around us rarely shown for her age.

Emily’s Web Site

There is more information regarding Emily on the link above or you can select Emily’s CV for a concise description of her journey so far.

BeeMetics Skin care is a series of products evolving out of Sam’s own Dreams and Ambitions, hence why Emily is a fantastic choice to help us bring our products into the public eye. The products are Organically produced by hand, using our own tested oil-based recipes; with Cell Rejuvenating, Moisturising and Acne Clearing properties obtained from the variety of organic ingredients.

The range includes a variety of products from: Hand serum to our more specialised product using Porch Honeys own (PHPBV) bee venom as the main active ingredient. Bee venom increases the Collagen and Elastin production and oxygenates the skin increasing the benefits of the serum.

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BeeMetics Skin Care

About Porch Honey 
Porch Honey is a family run business that applies a holistic approach to our bees and the wild pollinators that live in the surrounding area. We manage 60 hives that are spread through multiple country parks and private land owners. While combining established bee farming practices alongside modern-day technologies; such as recyclable polystyrene hives, drones and infrared cameras allowing a less intrusive but highly informative way of observing the hives.
We have a few other unique aspects to our business such as being able to link each jar of honey back to the hive it was extracted from as we don’t blend honey from separate hives. This combined with our investment in off and on grid solar energy has led us to be a more eco-friendly but ambitious business that is pursuing products in both normal bee farming ranges such as honey, to more specialist products such as skincare.