Porch Honey

Our Mission Statement – Wild Pollinators Matter

Porch Honey is our beefarming brand and the beginning of everything. From our first two apiary sites in Wat Tyler Park and Langdon Hills Country Park, too our own decision of becoming Holistic bee farmers; (prioritising working with the land around our beehives instead of prioritising our own revenue stream).
– We actively monitor our hives to ensure they are healthy.
– A core part of observing the pollinators in an apiary site involves using our phones and cameras to identify these pollinators.
– We have over 1.8 TB’s of data collected this past 7 years from our apiaries residing on country park lands.
– We keep the photos on a data drive allowing us to compare photos from year to year month to month. This lets us notice more easily if there are new insects we haven’t seen before and new routines the pollinators are going through we hadn’t noticed before. More importantly it helps us to understand if our managed honey bees are pushing the wild pollinators away which may result in their loss and will result in us taking action to ensure we stay in balance with the environments we work in.
– We use an infrared camera during winter to see where the bees are in a hive instead of opening the hive and letting the cold in. We also use the same camera to make us aware if a queen cell is no longer viable during the bee season.