Porch Honey

Our Mission Statement – All Pollinators Matter

Sam - Out Apiary Manager

Sam and Kim, have worked together since 2012. Learning their craft separately – Kim (as a young man in the United States), Sam  (as a Bee Keeping Apprentice). Their first apiary sites were located within local Essex country parks e.g. (Langdon Hills and Wat Tyler). They both realised very early on that they needed to bridge the gaps between current bee farming techniques and not impacting the other wild pollinators. The answer was to find a balance and actively maintain it, hence adopting and embracing fully a holistic approach with a test and measure capability.

Some of what we do

A core part of observing the pollinators in an apiary site involves taking high quality pictures to identify these pollinators.

We use an infrared camera during winter and summer( to find viable queen cells in summer) and to see where the bees are in a hive instead of opening the hive and letting the cold in during winter.