Our oil based serum (60% natural organic, 40% natural direct from our Bees) 
The ‘PHPBV Face Serum’ takes the mystery behind Bee Venom and unravels it for a clean implementation with no words you need a dictionary & a chemistry degree to understand .

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Absolutely love it, was suffering with really dry skin before using it, much better after only 1 week, used every other day, now just using once a week 👍🏼

Just love this stuff. It's so easy to use, smells great and has worked wonders on my skin.

Our day at Passionate about Hardie Park .... Classic Car event. A huge thank you to everyone involved.
Hey All, when your out and about be aware that at least one Asian hornet nest has been discovered in Lancashire in the last few days. 
(Please share)

It’s very important that any possible sightings be reported accurately as to location and specie

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Thank you for sharing

I would not be able to get close enough to them to identify them sorry x

We have been enjoying, hives working at full capacity.
We are excited to celebrate our 2,200th page like today. 👏👏👏👏👏  

We are going to give the lucky “clicker” person a travel pack of our serums and we will make a donation to Emily Linscott as part of our Dreams & Ambitions programme. 🏁🐝🏁

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The recipient has donated the prize to The ‘Essex Border Terriers Group’ raffle prize during the June walk

Congrats guys. Nice idea, giving away a travel pack, really cool. Loving the lip serum by the way, dad keeps stealing it too 🙄😜 Thank you for your donation 😎🤗👌

Wow! Well done guys, and thank you very much 🖒😊

How do we enter?!