• Some of our beeswax candles

    We have scented and unscented beeswax candles all from recycled materials.

  • Our honeys are a unique blend of meadow and salt marshes flowers

    Our runny honey is superb, a delicate flavour with a hint of savoury from the bees pollinating flowers in the salt marshes within or near the country parks. Of course we have more traditional honey as well.

  • Our signature rage honeys plain or infused

    We have the signature range creamed honey in plain or infused with cinnamon / vanilla. All are great with your toast, porridge, yogurts. This range is mildly flavoured and best of all as it creamed no mess from container to bowl, cup or toast.

  • Locating prime forage sites for our bees

    At Porch Honey our main aim is to site our bees within SSSI meadows or near SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) standard meadows. We can help the environment, and make outstanding honeys. We monitor all our apiary's ensuring that we do not push out indigenous species.

  • Honey stores - As nature intended

    This shows a good example of how a wild hive looks. With honey stores at the top and a brood (that looks like cookies) in the centre. This frame has been filled naturally without the help of a foundation.

  • BFA Apprenticeship (Sam Burnham)

    Sam is in his second year with more than 1.5 million bees under his direct management. Sam is the youngest of all the BFA Apprentices and his enthusiasm is contagious.

    Picture: Defera

Welcome to Porch Honey - Where you can find boutique honey, beeswax candles, a bag for life and gift packs but most of all a commitment to our bees

Porch Honey is a family-run business with a passion for ethical bee-management and producer of naturally-harvested raw honey.

We began Porch Honey in 2011 with a single urban apiary, situated above our porch at home in Stanford le Hope, on the Thames Estuary in Essex. Since then, we have increased the number of hives we manage. We have been very fortunate to be given permission to locate our hives in local country parks that are Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) where our bees can forage for pollen in acres of natural meadows, free from pesticides.

We also follow our own ethical style of bee-management, for example we do not clip the wings of our queen bees (a common practice used by other traditional bee-keepers). We carry out regular inspections of our hives to detect new queen cells early, which enables us to split the hive before the bees swarm. We have also opted to use poly hives, over the traditional wooden hive, which provide better insulation for our bees.

As well as ensuring our bees are happy, our approach helps them produce the delicious varieties of honey that are available to purchase.